Saturday , 18 August 2018


The Trendiest White Denim Pieces to Shop This Season

While we’ll never fully retire our favorite blue and black denim, once summer creeps in, we can’t help but want to swap them out for bright, white options. White denim has become a wardrobe staple because it manages to make even the most basic outfits look fresh and summery. Plus, the stark neutral goes perfectly with everything already hanging in ... Read More »

13 Actually Affordable Celebrity Outfits to Shop Immediately

We’ve all been there: You’re digging through your closet at the very last second before leaving for work/brunch/a night out. Your friends are bombing your phone with texts and your S.O. is yelling at you that you’re going to be late—but you simply cannot find a perfect outfit for the occasion. By the time you finally head out, you’re already scrolling ... Read More »

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