Jasmine Tookes Made Your Favorite Fourth Grade Accessory Cool Again

Few things parallel the sheer resourcefulness of an elementary schooler who wants to play dress up. Kindergarteners craft dandelion crowns at recess, second graders cover their nails in Sharpie during class and fourth graders weave paper clips together to create chokers when they should be doing their homework. Flower crowns already got their revival, and I think it’s safe to ... Read More »

Stylish Silk Scarves That Are Warmer Than They Look

As the weather grows colder, my priorities shift from aesthetics to practicality. Cute shoes are great—until they leave you slipping on icy New York City sidewalks (and inevitably falling to the ground, at least once or twice). Avoiding hats is smart as far as hairstyle preservation goes, but misguided when it comes to keeping your head at a remotely reasonable temperature. ... Read More »

21 Random Questions: Iris Apfel on Accessories and Her Sartorial Pet Peeve

96-year-old Iris Apfel has almost a million followers on Instagram; she’s a businesswoman, interior designer, and a fashion icon. But when I sat down with her during [Pre]Coterie Women’s June Market Week in New York, I learned some things I didn’t already know about her—21 glorious, unconventional, inspiring, and admirable things. This is the second time Apfel has sold her expansive collection ... Read More »

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